Q. Do Laser or IPL treatments hurt?
A. Most people find the sensation tolerable but the experience varies. Many people describe the sensation as like an elastic band flicking the skin or similar to a pin prick. The skin will heat up during treatments but active cooling takes place to reduce this effect to a minimum. It will help if you are able to relax – which is of course our aim at all times!

Q. Are they safe?
A. Yes. There are some rare generally short lived side effects which the clinician will explain to you. There is no radiation risk (the light contains no form of damaging radiation such as X-rays). The main risk is to the eyes but eye protection prevents damage here. Some people may not be able to undergo treatment because of medical conditions or if they are taking certain drugs. This will be discussed in full when you see the clinician.

Q. How much are the Laser and IPL treatments?
A. The initial consultation is free and usually lasts around 20-30 minutes. During the consultation the proposed procedures will be explained fully and any questions answered. A test patch will be performed to ensure no adverse reactions are likely. Treatments start at £50 per session. For most conditions, around 6-12 treatment sessions will be necessary, and discounts will be available for advance purchase.

Q. Who will do the treatment?
A. The clinic is run by medical personnel. The consultation will be with an appropriately trained clinician – either a doctor, nurse or beauty therapist – all of whom have undergone extended and Healthcare Commission approved training in the field. Initial consultations for leg thread veins, acne, facial vascular treatments and all injection treatments will be with a doctor or nurse; all hair removal, photorejuvenation/CFT and microdermabrasion consultations will be carried out by one of our therapists.

Q. Is the clinic recognised?
A. Hyde Park Clinic has been through the Care Quality Commission registration process. Formerly, no clinic could offer Laser or IPL therapy legally without this approval. This statuory requirement has been dropped and the CQC no longer take an interest in clinics like ours. This may change soon, following the publication of the Keogh Report in 2013 which highlighted the need for tougher regulation in our sector. Be assured though that we continue to operate under the standards set by the CQC at the time of our registration with this body in 2010. Hyde Park Clinic has produced a ‘Patients’ Guide’ – as well as more user friendly brochures – this is held at the clinic and can be viewed at any time. It explains the aims of the clinic, how the service is run, how you can make a complaint and so on. The clinical team consists of experienced doctor and nurse, and fully qualified beauty therapists who have all received further training in safe laser use and other cosmetic treatments.

Q. How good is the laser?
A. The manufacturer (Lynton Lasers) is recognised in the industry as one of the leading players. The system used at Hyde Park Clinic has an extensive range and can treat a wider range of skin types than some competitors. The equipment is CE marked and approved by the Medical Devices Agency.

Q. Is Botox safe and how long should it last?
A. It is thought to be very safe and there has been no proven case of allergic reaction in over 30 years of use in millions of people internationally. There are some possible side effects and some people should not receive the treatment but the clinician will explain all to you at the consultation. The effects last about 6 months usually.

Q. Where is Botox injected? Does it hurt?
A. In the upper face – specifically Frown Lines (between the eyes), Crows Feet (outer borders of the eyes), and Forehead Creases. There is minimal discomfort (no anaesthetic is required).

Q. I am in my 20s. Can I have Botox?
A. We generally recommend it for those in their 30s and older, though people are having it younger more and more nowadays. Feel free to book an appointment (no obligation) to discuss in more detail.

Q. I am not sure about fillers. I have read some horror stories about swollen lips. Is there any risk? How long will they last?
A. The first fillers were collagen based – these are known to have a high incidence of allergic reaction. We use NO collagen fillers at the clinic. The fillers used are synthetic and pure with virtually no risk of allergy. The effects last variably from 6 to 18 months depending upon the product and the individual. They eventually break down harmlessly leaving nothing behind.

Q. Do fillers hurt? Where are they injected?
A. It can be an uncomfortable experience although the discomfort is short lived. This is reduced by the use of topical anaesthetic cream. Most parts of the face can be injected but usually it is lower down, to fill in grooves or creases or to expand or plump out lips.

Q. What is Microdermabrasion? It sounds painful.
A. A technique which involves the application to the skin (usually face, d√©colletage or back of hands) of a fine jet of salt crystals. It is not painful, more invigorating. There is little outward sign immediately afterwards that you have had the treatment – so it is a true ‘lunch hour treatment’. It can be a stand alone treatment but is better if carried out as a course initially. Dead skin is exfoliated, new skin growth and collagen formation is stimulated and generally a more youthful appearance is the result. Microdermabrasion can be combined with IPL to give even more impressive results!

Q. Can I talk to a clinician as I am still uncertain?
A. Yes. Please leave your number and the most appropriate person will call you back.

Q. Do you have any information you can send to me?
A. Yes:

Brochures explaining each treatment in more detail
Price lists (click here to download the current pricelist)
Patients’ Guide (held at the Clinic)

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